Adjectives + prepositions

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We weren't aware the problem with our ticket until we got to the airport.

The film, which is set in Sweden, is based a best-seller.

I can't eat prawns because I'm allergic seafood.

Are you familiar the computer software we use?

As marketing manager I am responsible all our publicity campaigns.

Her dress was identical mine. It was so embarrassing.

I'm fed up waiting for the electrician to come. I'm going out.

My grandmother is especially fond her eldest grandchild.

My wife is not very keen me buying a sport car.

My cousin is a great linguist - she is fluent four languages.

We're very dissatisfied the service we received at your establishment.

She may be old, but she's quite capable looking after herself.

The flight was delayed for two hours due a technical fault.

My younger brother is absolutely mad motor racing.

My family are hooked that new series - we never miss it.

I'm sick listening to her complain about how many hours she has to work.

Jack is very upset the way the company treated him when he was ill.

My wife's name is Fran, which is short Francesca.